‘One Fool Form Many’ – Richie Feelings Hits Out Against After-Curfew Parties

Richie Feelings Dancehall Reggae Sound system selectorRichie Feelings has hit out at persons who were caught by police at an after-curfew party on Saturday night.

“People nuh like when them being told to stay one place; it come een like when we say to a baby, ‘Don’t touch the fire it will burn you’. That same baby going touch the fire and come back and say ‘fire hot, burn you’,” said Richie Feelings.

Eighteen individuals were arrested when members of the police’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch shut down the event.

The party, which was held in Orange Villa, off Slipe Road in Kingston, breached the Disaster Risk Management Act which, according to the dancehall selector, should not have happened.

“But people will not take heed until something happens to them,” he said. “Jamaican people used to brute force, so you will tell dem say ‘tan a yuh yard’, your home is supposed to be your safe haven, and they won’t listen because them feel like nobody can talk to them. Everyone who was arrested there will be penalised so maybe them will learn.”

Getting ‘likes’

Richie Feelings said many of the persons involved in these activities are doing it for the purpose of getting ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ on social media.

“You know the saying ‘one fool form many’? A lot of them doing it for social media because it is all about what’s next, not realising supmn serious going on,” he told THE STAR.

Real Talk: Richie Feelings talks romance, relationships | Features ...Meanwhile, Richie Feelings is also mourning the loss of his mother who passed on Easter Monday. He said that while social distancing has been a habit of his, it is hindering plans for her burial.

“I am not worried about COVID-19 because I always practise social distancing. However, because we have to be doing this, it’s going to make me not give her the funeral she deserves,” he said. “She was not well and was in the hospital. She passed due to complications. We have a big family and she is well known, but we have to stick to the regulations from the church to burial ground until a later date we can have a memorial.”

Source: ‘One fool form many’ – Richie Feelings hits out against after-curfew parties | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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