Instagram Blocks Foota Hype Over Black Empowerment Post

Foota Hype Remains Locked Up Even Though Immigration Case ...Just over a month after he was released from detention and resumed his activities on Instagram, Foota Hype is reporting that he has been blocked from going live on the social networking platform.

The veteran dancehall selector made the revelation yesterday in a video post which he shared on his IG page, but seems relatively unbothered, as according to him he has put mitigation measures in place and will be streaming from his newly-created Gallis Wednesdayz page, until IG releases his official page which has amassed more than 163,000 followers.

“Hear mi nuh people, right now, mi block from guh live pon mi regular page suh oonu haffi meet mi ova Gallis Wednesdayz … Because mi post one black power empowerment suppm an dem block mi. Suh, until dem free mi up, wi haffi work wid da page deh,” Foota said in his video.

Foota’s announcement was met with consternation by several of his fans who reassured the Calabar High School old boy that he was still unstoppable, even as they ripped into the owners of Instagram.

“Any black person with knowledge and people listen they will shut you down. But the KKK organization has been up and running for decades even though their platform is hate…,” one fan said.

Foota Hype

The Halipos Digital Music 2017 Social Media Icon awardee was also cheered on by dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas, another star known for making controversial statements on social media.

“Tell them earth is a prison. Next time post something against HITLER,” Mr. Vegas stated.

One fan however, cautioned the 38 year old to be mindful that things said during the exercise of freedom of speech, can be interpreted as something other than was intended.  “That mouth of yours come on Foota. Speech ain’t free! I thought about that on your last live that there was a possibility this may happen,” the fan said.

This is the second time the veteran music selector has been banned from going live on Instagram. Foota, who has even cursed Instagram itself for interfering with his posts and cutting his live sessions short in what he said were acts of sabotage, was also banned in 2017, when he was flagged for making what were regarded as defamatory comments against a member of the entertainment management fraternity.

Foota Hype released after months of detention | Loop NewsThe controversial dancehall figure’s Instagram Live feed has been a source of entertainment for fans across the world, who flock to his page for daily excitement.

On Instagram, Foota has not been short of drama. A few years ago, the selector even established a GoFundMe page asking for contributions from his fans to purchase a new smartphone to facilitate the smooth flow of his IG live feed, which was being compromised as the phone he was using to stream, was overloaded or overworked.

At the time, Foota said this was being done to determine how many of his tens of thousands of followers were loyal to him. He also claimed then, that he was providing a public service, via his musings on the feed and since he was providing free entertainment, it was only fair that his fans come together and make the financial investment in purchasing the phone for him, as they were the ones who were suffering as a result of the defective phone.

Source: Instagram Blocks Foota Hype Over Black Empowerment Post – DancehallMag

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