Busy Signal Says He’s The “Trendsetter” For ‘Convo’, Govana Credits Professor Nuts

BUSY SIGNAL CONCLUDES DECADE ON TOPSpeculations are circulating that dancehall artiste Govana may have ruffled the feathers of fellow deejay Busy Signal in an interview with The Star on May 7th.

Govana was approached by the Jamaican newspaper to discuss the success of his latest and comical single Hamants Convo Pt 2 featuring Moovementz. The track is currently holding the #1 spot on the island’s YouTube trending videos since its release last Saturday.

The first installment Hamants Convo was released 3 months ago, and much to Govana’s surprise was widely received by fans, with over 8 million views. Now with the release of part 2, the artiste is enjoying limelight again at the top of the charts with over 1.4 millions views.  Part 2 has also outpaced part 1 to a million views by one day.

Govana to headline first show in Canada - Jamaica BeaconIn the Star interview, Govana in responding to why he believes the single is doing so well, said that the people miss humor in Dancehall. Adding, “The music one-sided because everybody a say di same things over and over and people just wah hear supmn different. That’s why we see so much people remixing it and refixing it and getting inspired by it. The whole Professor Nuts vibe, the storytelling; it’s basically like a movie, a miniseries. It’s like yuh tune in to Netflix.”

A short time after Govana’a interview broke, controversy started brewing when Busy Signal uploaded a clip of his 2017 music video for The Reasoning (1 of 2 series) on Instagram. He captioned the post, “3 Years Ago Today May 7th. #ReasoningSeriesAnniversary Giving thanks  #TrendSetting  #may7 #ArtistOfTheDecade”

One fan reacted, “As Alkaline seh: Dem thief mi style a deven buy Mi flask…Govi fi buy yu a flask”.

Another added, “Mek dem know!! Big Govi still but tek dem back to the birthplace nuff people have short memory. One Turf! One President!”

Either Busy has mastered subliminal captioning or fans have a sixth sense for picking up secret codes. To decrypt the not so cryptic post: The Reasoning music video in fact debuted 3 years ago on May 7th 2017 and was directed by Warrior Films. Coincidentally, the same date Govana‘s interview was published.

Busy Signal does stand correct on his trendsetter status.  He is undeniably one of the pioneers for ‘conversation style’ deejaying and his single in question can attest to that but to agree with Govana, Professor Nuts did introduce the “vibe” and is perhaps the original of them all.

The ‘conversation style’ deejaying can be seen from artistes like Vybz Kartel and Bling Dawg in Phone Call (2004) and Spragga Benz in Weh Ya Say Star (2000).

So while one could see where an artiste like Busy Signal may take insult to Govana paying homage to Professor Nuts, there is no evidence to suggest that Busy felt slighted.  But the fans sure made it seem that way.

Watch Hamants CONVO Pt 2 below.

Source: Busy Signal Says He’s The “Trendsetter” For ‘Convo’, Govana Credits Professor Nuts – DancehallMag

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