‘Bob Marley: Righteousness’ Explores Rastafarianism

Best Bob Marley Love Songs: 20 Tracks To Satisfy Your Soul | uDiscoverClocking in at nearly 20 minutes, the mini-documentary features several Rastafarians discussing the root of their religion and spirituality. “Locks don’t make me be a Rasta,” Ricky Chaplin says, showing the camera his dreadlocks. “This is my identity.”

“A pureness of the heart will supersede anything,” Buju Banton says before Marley’s “Natural Mystic” plays in the background.

We also get a peek at the lush, sprawling hills of Kingston, as well as locations like the eco-village LifeYard Rest and School of Vision. “We have one of the best views, one of the best atmospheres,” School of Vision’s Tashia Williams says. “It’s really an excellent source if you’re one that loves to be closer to nature and looking for peace of mind.”

Righteousness follows Women Rising and 75 Years a Legend; the first episode of the series focused on Jamaica and Marley’s influence on the island. Legacy is part of “Marley75,” a year-long celebration to mark the late legend’s 75th birthday in February. Animated videos for “Three Little Birds” and “Redemption Song” have also been released, as well as the Iron Lion Zion EP, which includes different remixes of the title track and 1976’s “Smile Jamaica.”

“Marley75” recently joined Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future initiative, in which a new song will be unveiled weekly to inspire Marley fans to take action against climate change.


Source: ‘Bob Marley: Righteousness’ Explores Rastafarianism: Watch – Rolling Stone

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