Spice Talks Marriage, Her Type Of Man, Returning To Jamaica And Fear Of Death

Spice 🇯🇲 | Celebrities, Celebrity pictures, Favorite celebritiesA fan wanted to know if she had ever been married, Spice said she did a video for the song about the matie and the wife and she was in a wedding dress, but she never got married. She was actually engaged to her children’s father but she threw away the ring, a lot of persons thought she actually got married, but it didn’t happen.

Spice also spoke about being motivated by her past, she came from humble beginnings, her past was so rough and persons told her she would never go anywhere, she uses that as motivation as she doesn’t want to go back to where she came from.

To the fan who wanted to know when she will be returning to the island that is closed off because of COVID-19. She said as soon as the Prime Minister opened the border she will be on the next flight.

She said she is 5” 2 or 5 “ tall but she was not sure, when one fan wanted to know.

When asked which Vybz Kartel songs she liked, she said she is just a Gaza girl, she likes all of Kartel’s songs. Romping Shop is number 1 for her.

Her favorite place to go in Atlanta is Juicy Crab, she loves the crab legs a lot.

Her biggest fear is death, she is scared of caskets, the hearse, blood, and she doesn’t want her life to be taken by another human being. When Spice is on the plane and it dips she gets very scared.

Spice’s ideal man is tall, attractive and has a deep baritone voice, she spoke about the men who only like to treat women nicely when the relationship is just beginning, but she wants a man who will treat her nicely everyday and open doors for her.

Her favourite Love and Hip-Hop cast member is Carly Red because she will just call Spice out of the blue and say what are you doing and they will be going out. She will call Spice and ask where she is and just pops up. She is a real friend she shows that she cares about Spice a lot.

Amber Rose Welcomes Dancehall Queen Spice At Slutwalk 2018She didn’t want to talk about her least favourite on the show, but she said the person knows who it is.

Her top Jamaican artistes are the men who helped to open up the gates for her so she could have a career she mentioned Baby Cham, Kartel, Shaggy, Bounty Killer and Ninja Man.

When the Dancehall Queen explained her relationships with her fans, she said they come into the bathroom at the airports and they won’t even allow her to use the bathroom in peace and she wishes they would wait outside the bathroom for her, instead of knocking on the door, she is scared that they will hear her whenever she passes gas.

Her favourite place is Paris because she loves the Eiffel Tower. When she looks up at the tall monument, she is amazed that God gave men the ability to build it.

Her favourite genre is Gospel even though she is so raunchy when she performs, but she is a Christian who can be very shy.

Her most embarrassing experience happened when her tight pants crutch popped open and exposed her private parts, and she was before over 4000 people, she was so embarrassed that she cried. She tried to hide it, but it was out before she got a chance to cover up.

Queen of Dancehall Spice makes history again -When Spice was asked about her sexual fantasy, she said she would not go there. She said it was embarrassing.

She spoke about her dancers, Dancing Rebel, Pretty- Pretty and TC, she met them in dancehall, they take it when she shouts at them and talk to them about their wigs and clothes, now they are well-groomed and went through a lot with them, they are perfectionists now and she is glad she has them.

The dream collaboration for her was with Michael Jackson but he passed. Rihanna is one of the stars she would like to collaborate with now. She is a fan of Hip Hop and she likes the females in the business like Cardi B, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion.

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