Spice Blasts Critics Who Say She’s Rich And Can Afford COVID-19 Lockdown

Queen Of Dancehall Spice Was Extra Spicy Europe, Shells Sweden ...Acclaimed Queen of Dancehall, Spice, went on a social media rant yesterday. The artiste expressed her displeasure regarding the behavior of Jamaican residents, particularly St. Catherine, and voiced her displeasure at critics who say she can afford to stay home and weather the coronavirus containment measures being implemented on the island and elsewhere around the world.

The parish was placed under lockdown after 31 staff members at the Alorica call center in Portmore tested positive for COVID-19. This number is now at 52 with test results still outstanding. In an attempt to contain the outbreak, Prime Minister Andrew Holness outlined a strict schedule to which residents of the parish must adhere, which includes specific days and timeframes for shopping.

This announcement prompted residents to rush the supermarkets in droves. Others even proceeded to leave the parish to escape containment. Viral videos have emerged with large crowds of persons in the supermarkets with no regard for social distancing measures.


Spice, who is currently in Atlanta and originally a resident of Portmore, St. Catherine, had praised the Jamaican government’s COVID-19 response, even though she was left stranded in the U.S. city.

In the 7 minute video posted to her Instagram page yesterday, Spice addressed comments that she has money so she can afford to stay home.  She explained that it’s not about money. It’s about safety because money cannot cure the virus and if that were the case she would be up and about as usual. She urged persons from the other parishes to stock up on necessities now and not wait until a lockdown is announced as what seemed to be the case in St. Catherine.

Spice turned the camera to show viewers her couch. She explained that she has been on her couch for four weeks now. ‘A me name Busy Body’ she said, explaining that she’s always had a busy schedule and if she can obey the rules, so can everyone else.

She used her social media platforms to warn residents to take heed. She explained that the virus is not something to take lightly, especially in Jamaica where there aren’t enough ventilators to treat persons if the outbreak isn’t contained.

The dancehall superstar talked about the ‘hard ears’ mentality of many Jamaicans who won’t take the virus seriously until persons around them start to ‘drop dead’ or until they catch the virus and experience extensive suffering from the lung damage that can occur.

She spoke about the conspiracy theorists who say that the virus is not real. ‘It real’ she stressed, ‘and unuh need fi tek it serious’.

The dancehall Queen joins Aidonia and Ding Dong, and a growning list of public figures who are using social media and music to warn persons to take heed and obey the respective safety measures implemented by their government officials.

Source: Spice Blasts Critics Who Say She’s Rich And Can Afford COVID-19 Lockdown – DancehallMag

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  1. I am not a fan or supporter of Spice, but I soooo agree with her…How much food do they need for 7 days…They need to lock down Western Union and Money Gram in Jamaica….People too darn stubborn..

  2. I’m not a Spice fan either, but will give credit when it’s due…people stubborn till them stupid…when it hits home to someone they love, they will understand, but it will be too late!

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