Shenseea Fixes Chipped Tooth During Quarantine

After revealing to her Instagram followers (all 2.4 million of them) last week that she was coping with a chipped tooth during quarantine with no plans of getting it fixed, dancehall singer/deejay Shenseea seem to have changed her mind.

Today (April 23rd) the comedic entertainer stirred giggles among her fans with one of her usual funny IG posts; a selfie of her forming a silly clenched smile that boasted her pearly whites. Her beautiful incisors where not only magnificently white but also completely unscathed which would only suggest that she recently got the tooth fixed.

A couple days ago she uploaded a video on her Instagram page insisting that everyone should listen to the Jamaican government in regards to staying indoors during the current coronavirus outbreak. The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) in efforts of combating the spread of the virus has currently mandated Jamaicans into quarantine.

Shenseea’s restored chompers

Just recently a seven-day lockdown was implemented in St Catherine after a spike in the number of COVID-19 positive tests, mainly associated with the Alorica business process outsourcing entity in the parish. Other areas across the island were also put under a similar regime prior. Unfortunately, the new laws didn’t go over too smoothly with residents in those communities as several viral videos leaked online showing people out and about and others in spirited protests.

This prompted the distressed ShengYeng singer, who seemed to have been readying for bed, to create a video as a means of directly speaking to her people. She started her rant “Corona corona corona, mi feel like Jamaicans nah tek dis serious because dem nu aware of wah gwan overseas. Stay home! Yuh see mi teet? … Look!” She bares her teeth up close to the camera to reveal a broken incisor”, while saying “Mi nu even a get it fixed, mi nuh want nu body in a mi mout, to how serious mi a tek dis…dis pandemic is really really serious”. Watch the full video below –

Fast-forward to today and it looks like she had decided to allow someone ‘in her mouth’ after all, more specifically her dentist. Shenseea is once again in top form and seemingly on the prowl too, she captioned her silly pic, “When me send a risky text and get the same energy back 😁”.

Shenseea was so happy with the exchange that she decided to not only capture the moment but also share it with her followers. There, a few fans noticed her renewed and improved smile. One said, “You did perfect crooked or not 😢❤” and another “All if a did so-so gum yuh have mumma we still luuuubbbb yuh @shenseea”.

Source: Shenseea Fixes Chipped Tooth During Quarantine – DancehallMag

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