No Release But Dexta Daps In High Spirits

Dexta Daps Concert 2020 And Tour Dates | TicketsHaving failed in his latest bid to have Dexta Daps released from police custody, attorney-at-law Peter Champagnie is now preparing to head to the review tribunal for the St Andrew South Police Division state of emergency to get the Owner artiste out of jail.

“We are hoping that by next week they will be able to accommodate us, but he remains in custody and he maintains his innocence. He’s apprehensive and anxious to have his matter heard before the tribunal,” Champagnie told THE STAR.

The entertainer was detained on April 9 in relation to alleged gang-related activities, but Champagnie says law enforcers have yet to lay any formal charges against his client. The lawyer sought to secure the release of the entertainer yesterday, but his application before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court was denied.

The tribunal was established to hear appeals brought by or on behalf of persons who have been detained under the Emergency Powers Act. A person can be detained for an initial seven days, and then for a further seven days on the instruction of a deputy superintendent of police or a higher ranking officer. However, this period may be extended until the end of the state of emergency if the national security minister grants a detention order. The state of emergency in St Andrew South Police Division is slated to end on July 25.

Dancehall singjay Dexta Daps arrested - IrieFmIrieFmChampagnie said that Dexta Daps remains in high spirits and is looking forward to his release.

“He’s obviously very concerned, as anyone would be in that situation. Very apprehensive but he, like many of us, has a family and responsibilities. A lot of persons depend on him for financial and moral support, therefore, even in this time when entertainment matters are not being staged, the fact is that there are contracts to be signed because there is life after COVID-19 and there are obligations to be fulfilled,” Champagnie said.

“There are still no charges, and that’s why we are going to the tribunal to have the matter fully ventilated. That’s where we will hear the extent of it and a determination will be made as to the authenticity of their (the police’s) arguments,” the lawyer said.

Source: No release but Dexta Daps in high spirits | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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