D’Angel Says Son Marco Dean Will Be Future King Of Dancehall

D’Angel has branded her Son Marco Dean as the Future King Of Dancehall.

Last Friday the ‘first lady of dancehall’ staged an Instagram Live concert to approximately 15,000 fans. During the performance, the entertainer made a strong declaration about her teenage son’s future in music.

While performing her hit single “Stronger,” D’Angel proclaimed her son will be the future king of the dancehall.

According to D’Angel, Marco Dean’s greatness is inevitable as music runs in his blood. The bold claim may not be that far fetched considering the teen’s father is, of course, Beenie Man.

However, during an interview with THE STAR D’Angel says they are in no rush to jump-start his career.

“Marco has always been my number one priority and yes, he’s my future dancehall king because he has double dose of talent from me and his dad. Music is in Marco’s blood, so he couldn’t escape,” she said. “Marco is a talent and a leader. From day one, I’m in support of his talent and growth 100 percent. Music comes natural for him, but right now he’s just enjoying his education. The world soon see more of his talent.”

D'Angel - WikipediaHowever, the “No Worries” star says she is aware that the music business requires more than just talent. She says she is aware the business can be tricky to maneuver but he is prepared for it.

“I don’t think that (negativity) will really affect him that much. His parents are public figures and he sees the day-to-day challenges that come with it. The thing I love about my son is he understands my job and knows D’Angel is a persona, an artiste. As long as he keeps that in mind when it comes to his own career, he’ll be fine,” she said.

Marco Dean made his musical debut back in 2010 when his vocals were used in intro for “Time of My Life,” a collaborative effort between his parents.

Source: D’Angel Says Son Marco Dean Will Be Future King Of Dancehall – The Tropixs

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