Aidonia Releases Birthday Mixtape

Aidonia - Datz Ah Trap Movie (Episode #1) - Dancehall UsaFourth Genna leader Aidonia celebrated his birthday with a gift, offered to both himself and to his fans.

Following Aidonia Testimonial Live, DJ Matt Camps’ exciting online radio segment that took Twitter and Mixlr by storm last week, Aidonia teased the tracklist for an upcoming mixtape, a project that has been on the way for the past two years.

Thankfully, Aidonia broke character and tuned into the young DJ’s online stream. Finally, yesterday, on his birthday, Aidonia released Dats A Trap.

“My wife Kimberly told me that she was on Twitter and this DJ had an entire segment dedicated to me so I should tune in. So I went on Twitter and his page, and saw that the fans were interacting with his stream,” Aidonia told THE STAR.

“The whole stream was a joy to listen and be part of, as I don’t even listen to local radio stations or DJs playing music generally. So that was a first and it was a nice vibe,” he laughed.

Aidonia regularly jumps into the audience, and on social media it was no different. As the fans dropped fire emojis and typed lyrics out in all caps with exclamation points, the star moseyed in with his own retweets and emoji replies.

Aidonia even let off some tweets expressing that the DJ and accompanying fans ‘draw him out’.

Those posts were followed by clips revealing a tracklist of a mixtape, ready to be released at the touch of a button.

“It’s always a joy interacting with my fans, whether on social media or during my performances. I’m the artiste who jumps in the crowd or invites fans on stage during my set at times. It’s always great to make them happy,” he said.

Aidonia - VVS (Instrumental Remake) - YouTubeNow, Aidonia has finally made them even happier, because he finally touched the button, releasing Dats A Trap.

“[It’s] finally out now, on my ‘strong (birthday). It’s been a while. Fans have been asking about it since the first day I mentioned it, over two years ago,” he said.

The mixtape has 17 tracks, with a few previously released singles like VVS, included.

“The rest are new songs. It’s basically what we call ‘traphall’, dancehall mixed with what hip hop calls trap music,” Aidonia explained.

Dats A Trap is now available on iTunes, where it debuted at number three on the reggae album charts behind Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and The Wailers and Gold: Bob Marley and The Wailers.

Source: Aidonia releases birthday mixtape | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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