Shenseea And Jada Kingdom Trade Jabs Over ‘The Sidechick Song’

Who are the most recent Jamaican artistes to enter the social media fighting ring? Female dancehall entertainers, Jada Kingdom and Shenseea. The two artistes had a heated feud on Instagram, earlier today, which had users hooked to their phones and sharing their own opinions on the matter. As to how the feud began, Shenseea’s recent single and video, The Sidechick Song, is at the centre of it all.

After the Blessed singer was dragged for promoting cheating in the song by several social media users, Shenseea defended herself, stating that she wasn’t encouraging the act, rather shining light on the sidechick’s perspective. While some music fans were adamant that the song was being unfairly criticized, others found Shenseea to be in the wrong.

Popular dancehall artiste, Jada Kingdom, one of Shenseea’s known rivals in the industry, also chimed in with her take on the song’s message. Her response came through a sultry photo posted on her Instagram page with the caption, “Bitches be excited af to be a side piece. lmfao ok coleslaw!”

A subliminal message clearly aimed at Shenseea, comments began pouring in with the Shengyeng boss even making a post in response, something she rarely does when it comes to social media drama.

And as such, the feud escalated. Jada Kingdom, or Muma Heavy, as she is also called began to fire back on her own Instagram story. Take a look at her responses below:

In another video posted to her Instagram story Shenseea once again responded to the backlash. She said people were taking the song too seriously, and that the ideology of a man having a sidechick has been around for years. She implored women who took offense to her song not to hate her or the single, but rather to hate their men who cheat on them.

She proceeded to share comments from her fans who vowed to stand by their artiste and defined her in a social media argument no matter what, sending love to her Shenyengz for being die-hearted supporters.

While views on The Sidechick Song remain mixed, after addressing the matter, Shenseea took the opportunity to inform her fans that she signed a new endorsement deal which she will announce further details about soon.

Now, while both Jada and Shenseea seem to have put the issue to rest, for now, a number of other female entertainers shared their thoughts on the ordeal which unraveled today.

Yanique Curvy Diva said, “A some serious times, people bruk, angry and bored cause a bare shade a throw pan IG.”

Controversial artiste, Macka Diamond also added her two cents.

Although it seems to have been brought to a halt, the online clash between Shenseea and Jada Kingdom has been taking place for quite some time now, lying dormant for a while before erupting again. It is said that the two young talents were close friends at one point but a falling out which hasn’t been fully disclosed led to them being at each other’s necks quite often, on Instagram and Twitter that is.

After throwing subliminal jabs at each other on several occasions, Shenseea finally responded to Jada openly at the 2019 Red Bull Culture Clash, referring to the Banana singer as Jada ‘Condom’. Taken aback by the unexpected lyrical attack, Jada released what many music fans have called the best female dancehall diss track yet, Shen-Heng.

Though Shenseea never replied with a diss track of her own geared towards Jada, it seems she is now more willing to confront the claims of the artiste who she says, always has her name in her mouth.

Since the war died down both stars have been keeping their followers updated on their next moves with their careers. Could it be aimed at seeing whose career has more fuel at this time? One cannot be completely sure.

Shenseea shared a photo of her and American rapper, Meek Mill, working on new music in the studio, while Jada made it known that she is presently working on her album. With all that said, we wish both talented females the best. May both women win.

Source: Shenseea And Jada Kingdom Trade Jabs Over ‘The Sidechick Song’ – DancehallMag

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