Elephant Man Says He Didn’t Lie To Immigration

Elephant Man has denied claims that he misled immigration officers about his travel history.

The “Energy Gad” has found himself at the center of a growing controversy following his return from Amsterdam.

The deejay is now subject to an investigation by the Health Ministry after claims he falsified his travel history. It follows reports that he returned to the island without following measures outlined by the Government.

However, according to the “Energy Gad” this is not true.

“I had to cut my tour short because everywhere a lock dung and this thing is getting serious. Me, O’Neil Bryant, could never out there inna di world and see how serious this thing is and come back and gwaan like me wah take this thing fi joke. Dis a di biggest threat to mankind right now,” Elephant Man said.

According to Elephant Man, he was unaware of the self-quarantine protocol as he was off the island since February.

“The form ask me to state which county I travel to in the last six weeks and me put Amsterdam, Europe, because that was the last show I did last week. When I got to Immigration, the officer ask me to name a few more countries. I told her Berlin and Sweden. She stamp me book and let me through, so I’m shocked now to hear all a dis.”

“Why would I lie when you can look and see say me deh a Berlin, dat a good, good Germany,” he continued. “I was expecting people to be there to take me to home quarantine and when dat never happen, I was looking to get a call or something because I (have been) at home since me come,” he said.

Image result for elephant man dancehallThe deejay has since apologized for the entire fiasco, claiming its just one big misunderstanding. He would also vent his frustrations about a voicenote which he claims has tarneshed his image.

“How me a go gwaan like me wah joke out di thing when me deh inna di world and me see the evil and wickedness weh a gwaan out deh? Me wouldn’t violate things like this and lie on the papers,” he said. “A tour me a come off of and everybody know, everybody see where me bee,” he added.

In the meantime, Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said he has heard about the issue and has instructed an investigation.

“I would prefer not to comment until that investigation takes place so that I don’t make any errors or accuse anyone of anything,” Tufton said.

Source: Elephant Man Says He Didn’t Lie To Immigration – The Tropixs

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