Dexta Daps And Wally British Face Off Over Domestic Violence

Dancehall deejay Dexta Daps had some explaining to do after his comments on a now viral video raised more than just a couple eyebrows.

The video, originally posted by a popular MC and comedian – Wally British, seems to depict a scene showing brutal domestic violence. A shirtless man is seen manhandling, dragging and punching a young lady repeatedly to audible jeers from his peers in the background.

Via the caption the comedian called for serious action and help from her followers to identify the culprit and deliver a dose of jungle justice if possible, saying both women beaters and child molesters deserve the same fate.  British said, “Who knows this guy? What parish or neighborhood is this ? I feel as though women beaters should get the same treatment as child molesters. Let’s find this guy and give him jungle justice.”

Jamaican Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna commented that she has forwarded the footage to the respectful authorities.

Daps however was of an opposing perspective and did not agree to the call for execution. He decided to make his opinions known in the comments section. “Ik women that killed men…. wtf r u sayinnnnnnn…. try to help ppl instead of executing them.  Should u b allowed to kill a man or beat a man just because u r a WOMANNNNNNN…. pls find another way other than execution…. help our country n ppl,” Daps said.

His comments prompted followers and fans to question his apparent stance on such a serious situation.  The comments sparked a very heated discussion with many expressing utter disappointment in the acclaimed ladies man, especially considering the current state of crime against women within the island.

The Owner deejay subsequently  posted a clip to his official page explicitly explaining exactly what he meant by the comments made – vehemently declining that he was at all empathizing with the alleged abuser. He went on to clarify the premise of his original argument – that being that both men and women abuse each other therefore the two crimes are not so much alike.

The incriminating footage has since attracted the attention of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who  immediately launched an investigation into the matter. They have since reported that the victim in the video refused to press charges hence the case can go no further.

Following this another clip of the couple surfaced online in an attempt to clear the air and clarify the situation with the two claiming it was all an act. A skit to promote upcoming music from the man to be exact, who is an underground deejay looking for a foot in the industry door.

Many are not convinced and are still calling for friends and family members to offer assistance to this young woman.

Macka Diamond said, “Omg u can see say she scared o no sad bad,” while  the trending Dancehall Queen Spice adding this to the conversation, “SMH I have so much to say”

It seems Dexta is not done proclaiming his opinions on the matter either, subsequently sharing a teaser of himself performing a brand new song including lyrics suggesting women could easily just poison their abusers.

Of course, we’re keeping all ears out for the official release.

Source: Dexta Daps And Wally British Face Off Over Domestic Violence – DancehallMag

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