Beenie Man Did Not Buy His Daughter Desha Ravers A New Car, She Did!

Choreographer and dancer Deshagaye “Desha Ravers” Davis, eldest child of dancehall legend Beenie Man had some exciting news she wanted to share yesterday.

The Ravers Clavers dancer posted an Instagram pic of what appears to be a brand new second hand car.  In the caption, she first thanked god before praising Ravers Clavers boss Ding Dong.   “This is exactly what we mean by team work make d dream work @dingdongravers mi boss this a weh yuh always a tell me say u wah see fi me so I had to do it and make you proud bro,” she said.

Romeich Major of Romeich Entertainment also received praise for encouraging the young dancer to save her money.  “Ff it wasnt for u then I doubt I would even be able to buy this cause everyday desha mek sure ya save eno likkle girl lol when it comes to us u dont play so im very much happy and thankful that I have not only a team but a whole family to support me.”

Her new wheels are nothing fancy but seems to be just what she wanted. A silver Honda Fit, which was bought from Craig’s Auto Rental & Sales and already decked out in red deep-dish rims and personalized logo stickers. One with her name ‘Desha’ on the front windshield and another on the back, ‘Watch Dem’, the title of Ding Dong’s recent track Watch Dem.

Desha’s new car

One of the very first people to celebrate her accomplishment was Ding Dong of course, he commented on Desha’s post saying, “Proud a yuh …… Suh since dem luv talk si sittn yah fi talk bout!!!!!!!!!”.

Dancehall artiste Popcaan also showed her some love, adding two little heart drops on her page. Fans of Poppy know he’s all for upliftment and bringing up his crew and others in the industry.

Desha has accumulated over 17k Likes and 859 congratulatory comments on her Instagram page after posting the good news yesterday. However, with great accomplishment comes some scrutiny. People are asking, how is it that the esteemed 27 year old daughter of King Beenie Man is just now owning her first car and a Honda at that.

One very barefaced person even asked the question on her New Car post saying – “Congrats girl , blessings on ur whole team . But on a serious note as ur father name @ Kingbeenieman u should a drive top car long that Benz and Audi but I guess them woman first.”

Another fan added “Beenie man couda even make her up fi buy something better smh congrats to her doe”.

The public knows that Beenie and Desha, who he has referred to in the past as the black sheep among his children, have had a tumultuous relationship. It’s hard to tell when things are good between the two, but is this the reason why he has not gifted her with such a necessity especially that he can afford to.

Beenie Man had shared a funny moment with the two last month.

Desha’s fans are shutting down the negativity during this joyful time. Not only are they congratulating the Raver Clavers dancer on her latest purchase but also for the fact of that was able to do this on her own without the help of her superstar dad.

One fan said “It good when Celebrity kids dont use their parents name to promote themselves. Self achievement is always the best”, while another said, “Not sure but what’s wrong with someone independent and buy a car?”

There hasn’t been any retort from Desha or Beenie Man about these speculations, but like any dad, Beenie must be proud.

Source: Beenie Man Did Not Buy His Daughter Desha Ravers A New Car, She Did! – DancehallMag

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