Yanique Curvy Diva Takes Her Talents Overseas To Canada

Image result for Yanique Curvy DivaYanique Curvy Diva is expanding her horizons as she inks new producer/presenter gig in Canada.

In a post made on Yanique’s official Instagram profile, the multi-layered Jamaican announced that she has joined forces with Canadian counterparts to produce a new TV show entitled Riddim Chat to be broadcast-ed on local networks.

“So grateful I’m multitalented but I’m more grateful that I enjoy each talent. Been a producer/presenter for Riddim Chat on @fevatv which is the first African station in Canada for the past 5 years. Just finish shooting the last episode for the season,” Captioned Yanique Curvy Diva.

Yanique more popularly known for her extended stint as a Magnum King & Queens TV-host and creator of smashing hit singles ‘Lifestyle’ & collab with I Octane is no stranger to the industry and is expected to excel.

Source: Yanique Curvy Diva Takes Her Talents Overseas – The Tropixs

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