Koffee Makes Her Debut On MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’

The Jamaican flags were soaring high last night as Grammy-award winning reggae artist, Koffee made her debut on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

The comedy tv show, hosted by Nick Cannon, typically features improv comedy with a hip-hop flare, but for Koffee, they switched up the regular style of the show, incorporating reggae and dancehall. Members of the show were decked out in full dancehall costumes, with many of the male comedians even wearing rasta hats with dreadlocks.

On each episode of the show, the comedians and guests are placed on teams: the red squad and the black squad, and compete in a series of comedy challenges. On this special Jamaican-themed episode, one of the comedy challenges included a Jamaican dance battle flairy, dutty-wine, bless up boogie, heel-toe and slow wine.

In the freestyle segment, which has the known for some of the most viral celebrity moments on show, Koffee showed off her freestyling skills by grabbing the mic and spitting a bar. “You not rapping, you capping a lot”, she rhymed, taking a shot at Nick Cannon as the crowd “ooh’d” to create tension among the two squads.

At the end of the show, the black squad, led by Koffee, were crowned winners. Koffee ended the episode with a lively performance of “Toast” which got the crowd dancing.

It’s almost no surprise that Koffee was a guest on the show. The 20-year-old artist has created quite a buzz in the last year with her EP, “Rapture” which featured “Toast” as the lead single. The song has been included on the playlists of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Jay-Z, and been played in various international arenas, only adding to Koffee’s popularity.

Image result for koffee dancehall wil n outWith her recent historical Grammy win and signing to RCA Records in the United States, Koffee is one track to becoming one of the most successful mainstream reggae acts, not only in Jamaica, but globally.

Nick Cannon, on the other hand, has always shown an interest in Jamaican culture. In 2016, he directed, produced and starred in the movie “King of the Dancehall” which tells the story of a young American that gets caught up in the dancehall scene during a visit to Jamaica.

During an interview with Koffee on his new show “Nick Cannon Mornings” in September, Cannon also detailed his love for Jamaica.

“I spent a little time down there in JA. You know, like I did a movie down there, so I got a chance to vibe with the people a lot. And to me, it always seems to be just positive vibes; that’s how you think of Jamaica. I feel like I could live down there one day”, said Cannon.

Source: Koffee Makes Her Debut On MTV’s ‘Wild ‘N Out’ – DancehallMag

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