Buju Banton New Album Is Done, Dropping In April

Ten years after he released his last album Before the Dawn, Buju Banton will release an album.

According to Buju Banton’s co-manager and producer and CEO of Penthouse Records, Donovan Germain, the Gargamel’s latest album has been completed and will be released in April, barring any unforeseen changes. According to him, the only remaining aspects are the album title, paperwork, including contracts, and ratification by relevant persons and entities, including hip-hop business mogul Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label.

“Dealing with a major label is kinda different from what we do in our industry … . Everybody has to sign off,” Germain told The Gleaner newspaper.

According to Germain, the new album by Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, “will have something for everyone.”

“It is an album that is geared towards the various parts of the audience that loves Buju … dancehall, lover’s rock, cultural aspect, etc. Because of the fact that Buju has been away for 10 years, we try and give each section of the audience a little something for themselves,” he explained.

Germain declared that Buju would not be entertaining any interviews until after the release of the new album, preparation for which began in May 2019.

“When the album is out, then Buju will start doing interviews because at least there is something to talk about other than prison,” Germain said.

“The only thing dem can talk about right now is prison, because he has not done anything for the last 10 years. He just came from prison, he doesn’t want to think back or relive that experience,” the producer said.

Source: Buju Banton New Album Is Done, Dropping In April – Urban Islandz

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