Spice Lay Down The 2020 Rules For Promoters After Another Failed Show

Image result for spice dancehall"Dancehall artist Spice failed to make an appearance at a recent show in the United States, and while fans are disappointed, the deejay says it was “beyond her control,” and she will “not take the blame for any one.”

Spice was booked for a show at the Eclipse Ultra Lounge in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend. The dancehall queen was set to appear alongside Haitian singer Blondedy Ferdinand. Unfortunately, fans and Blondedy were left disappointed when the show was canceled following the promoters failing to make travel arrangements for one Ms. Grace Hamilton.

Blondedy was vocal about her disappointment in social media comments, where she said, “As a black women to be next to Spice it meant something to me and to my people representing my people just like she’s representing hers,” the Haitian artist wrote. “Spice is an inspiration to many black women that are trying to make a name and money to take care of their family while their own people won’t let them,” she said.

Image result for spice dancehall"Spice took to Instagram to clear up the matter and make a very important announcement about bookings for the upcoming year. “Moving forward for shows 2020 I will not post or promote any flyer without promoters paying the necessary fees, hotel and travel accommodations,’” the post said. In the caption, Spice further elaborated that this is a risk management procedure.

“It’s unfair to these fans especially when promoters have presold tickets and in the end the artist needs are not met for them to travel,” Spice wrote. “Again I apologize to Columbus, I had no travel tickets and everything was last minute, it was beyond my control however I will make sure issues like these do not happen to my fans again,” she continued. “If I don’t post it I’m not with it. Again, the good will have to suffer for the bad so promoters will not have to pay the fee, pay for the travel and hotel accommodations before I even post a flyer to my fans simple #Happysunday,” she said.

This wouldn’t be the first time Spice had to put promoters on blast for failing to fulfill their end of the deal. The dancehall veteran, therefore, ended her caption with one very important thought, “I will not take the blame for any one. I’m a woman about my business.”

Make sure airfare and hotel reservations are taken care of before you book Spice for a show in 2020 because otherwise, you are setting up her fans for disappointment.

Source: Spice Lay Down The 2020 Rules For Promoters After Another Failed Show – Urban Islandz

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