Spice Address Dancehall Critics Saying She’s Hype

SpiceSpice is never the one you want to mess with!

The Queen of Dancehall had to address a few critics recently who said she was being too hype.

Its seems a few critics had issues with Spice rolling around in her brand new Jaguar E-Pace SUV however she had time to read them their rights! “Weh yuh know bout running to the corner shop with no shoes on, hair wah comb and inna some real tear up clothes to buy big Gill a oil and half a bread 🍞 with 2 egg 🍳🥚inna small white plastic bag?,” she questioned.

Image result for spice  spice it up dancehalll"“If you don’t know about it then don’t see me in my Jaguar driving in places where I use to walk without shoes and talk bout I’m hype ok I’m supposed to hype cause I worked hard to hype up my life and I refuse to sit down and watch you work hard to tear it back down 🖕🏿 #Oldbraeton ghetto gal still a try kick down doors #Onemanarmy No manager, No label just faith in God 🙏🏾,” she continued.

Source: Spice Address Dancehall Critics Saying She’s Hype – The Tropixs

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