Joe Bogdanovich Says Jamaica Can Get More From Entertainment

Image result for Joe Bogdanovich"Joe Bogdanovich, owner and producer Reggae Sumfest, said more can be done to increase the revenue flowing into the local economy of Montego Bay, St James, and Jamaica on a whole.

“I believe I can make a difference, you know. Reggae Sumfest generated over US$10 million in annual revenue, benefiting the Jamaican economy and the St James parish. Do you know what that means? Over a billion Jamaican dollars infused into the local economy of Montego Bay,” Bogdanovich said.

The Downsound Entertainment (DSE) CEO was speaking at his organisation’s annual Christmas party, held at the company’s headquarters in Kingston on Thursday night. The industry tycoon was dressed to the nines to match the 1920s Great Gatsby theme. But it was not only his ensemble that did the talking. Bogdanovich made it clear that all stakeholders will have to work together if Jamaica is to get maximum benefits from its cultural and entertainment offerings.

“I cannot do it alone,” Bogdanovich said. “We have to look at entertainment as a fully fledged business and work together. This means the music fraternity, the sponsors, the Government and the communities, all working together as one. Let’s take a stand and make it right, make a commitment and honour it.”

Bogdanovich acquired the Reggae Sumfest brand in 2016 for an undisclosed sum. The event has continued to grow, so much so that it appears too big for the current venue at Catherine Hall in St James. But the Sumfest boss has made it clear that he has no intention to move the show. Instead, he wants to expand Catherine Hall, and he believes that if it becomes a permanent base for Sumfest, it will contribute an additional US$5 million annually.

Source: Joe Bogdanovich says Jamaica can get more from entertainment | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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