Dr Love Offers Financial Help To Foota Hype – Says He Will Not Rejoice At Selector’s Demise

Social media blogger/recording artiste Dr Love is today offering help to detained selector Foota Hype.

Indicating the ‘bad blood’ between them was just for entertainment purposes, Dr Love says the position the selector has found himself in is unfortunate and he wants to help in any way possible even if that means contributing monetarily.

“Him get locked up and it’s a sad situation. Me see everybody a rejoice and dem think me a go come out and bash him. Me nah do dat because me nuh have nothing against him. Me a pray seh dem let him out and if there is any financial support him need or any GoFundMe put up or anything, I will support it,” he said. “Me nuh really know what the lawyer fee a go be but whatever it is, me willing to come together wid everybody else to make it happen.”

Foota Hype, given name Oneil Thomas, was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials earlier this week. He is scheduled to have a hearing on Monday, December 23.

Good immigration lawyer

Dr Love said that he did a live video where he gave out the number of a good immigration lawyer who he feels can help Foota Hype.

“Me woulda like see him (Foota) come a road. Nuff people a rejoice and a say a dat fi happen to him but him have him kids dem weh a depend pan him at the end of the day. So no matter what, we wah see him out fi di Christmas,” he said.

Dr Love says he is aware people will mistake his good intentions for clout chasing but he told THE WEEKEND STAR that he’s not seeking attention.

“People nuh understand say the whole thing wid me and Foota is a Instagram thing, it’s nothing personal. This weh me a do is not for attention and I hope the family and friends nuh use pride. If dem need help, dem affi reach out fi help. We may nuh see eye to eye but at the end of the day a still, we co-worker and weh happen to him can happen to any one of us,” he said. “Me really mean it say me sorry fi wah him a go thru and a hope him can come out. Inna dem place deh a nuh good place.”

Source: Dr Love offers financial help to Foota Hype – Says he will not rejoice at selector’s demise | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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