Dancehall Selector Boom Boom Gifts $100k To Patrons

Boom BoomSelector Boom Boom is giving back to the patrons of his weekly session.

Patrons a recent staging of Boasty Tuesdays were in for a special Christmas treat as the popular disc jock gifted over $100,000 at the event.

Boom Boom made the cash giveaway to his loyal partygoers who he described as his “cheerleaders” and resident “hustlers.”

According to Boom Boom, Its only fitting that he gave something back to the men and women who supported his event throughout the year.

“It’s a thing weh me always do, innu. I always do it at Christmas and in the summer. Differently from my money pull-up, I reach out to certain producers I know can gimme a strength towards it and dem always come through, so me can give back to the people,” he said.

The disc jock went on to give special praise to veteran producer Skatta Burrell and Downsound Records, who supported the cause.

Boom Boom went on to emphasize the importance of spreading the Christmas spirit and practicing random acts of kindness.

Image result for Selector Boom Boom"“Me is a yute come from a Christian home. Me grow wid my grandmother and grandfather and from me likkle and a grow, me always see my grandmother a give to people. People used to come inna me yard, inna me house, and me just always see she a give. Children live weh dem learn, so me grow wid a desire inna me heart fi help people,” he said.

The move has since earned the disc jock a lot of praise from fans on social media, with many encouraging others to follow suit.

Source: Dancehall Selector Boom Boom Gifts $100k To Patrons – The Tropixs

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