Bounty Killer Set The “Standard” In New Track

Image result for bounty killer in concert"Bounty Killer is a legend in Jamaica and has received tremendous respect from dancehall fans all over for staying true to himself, the Grung Gaad, the Warlord. The Killer drops a new song titled “Standard,” in which he details that he is still one of the badest on the streets and in the recording booth as well.

The song comes to us from JR Productions’ Money Jet Riddim, which was released around mid-November. While Bounty Killer does not release songs at the frequency that he used to, his sparse releases do not fall on deaf ears, and his fans are always grateful. He delivers information on the way he goes about stamping his dominance, sometimes with a heavyhanded approach.

“Man a real general we no Jennifer / Some a watch people things and a penny fa / Chu likes some boy go tun Denifer Gorilla ting them no ready fa,” he mentions while delivering the intro.

One fan commented, “Killer sounds modern but fundamental musical quality in terms of vocals, Lyrics & punches. Lyrics up to standard Killer, nothing nuh drop. Connect!”

Image result for bounty killer in concert"Bounty’s song also comments on the fact that after approximately 3 decades in the business, he still remains relevant, and it has to do with him constantly putting out quality work. In light of the new release, do you think Bounty Killer has another album up his sleeve? The fans would clearly love another body of work from the self-proclaimed General

Source: Bounty Killer Set The “Standard” In New Track – Urban Islandz

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