Beenie Man Issued PSA To Criminal For A Crime Free Christmas Holiday

Image result for beenie man"Beenie Man is calling for a crime-free Christmas, and is ordering criminals to go and find something constructive to do during the season, instead of carrying out mayhem in Jamaica.

He made his calls in an Instagram post which he implied was a Public Service Announcement from him. “This is not a paid announcement, cause nobody cannot pay me fi seh dis. Wi need a crime-free Christmus bredrin, seen? Wid all di war weh a gwaan, wi need it fi stap bredrin. Mi jus want oonu fi know caw Chrismus a few days roun di road yuh nuh dread. Seen?” Beenie Man said in a video post last evening.

“All a di man dem weh a teck weh di people dem phone, rob di people dem fi nuttn, stop! Di raper dem, stop! Seen? Because go-go club deh. Find suppm; go enjoy oonu self bredrin. We need a crime-free Christmas and a crime-free new year. Please wi a beg unu. Dis a nuh badness and wi naw bad oonu up. Mi a beg oonu because wi a all Jamaican. Live as one,” he concluded as he launched into the first line of his new song, “Who God Bless”.

Image result for beenie man"Beenie Man also continued his plea with a written post under the video. “Greetings People. This is a message to all holiday grinch (thief, gunman, kidnappers etc). Give the badness and crime a break for the holidays and the new year. People waan go out and feel safe. Lowe the people them bag, stop pick the people them pocket, stop rob and kill!!! We are all Jamaicans, let’s enjoy a joyful and peaceful Christmas & new year. Blessings,” the deejay said.

The majority of Beenie Man’s fans rained praises on him for his stance, some even saying they wished other artistes would speak out in the same fashion.

“Peace, and crime free Jamaica respect @kingbeenieman we are all thankful for this message let’s give peace a chance. Let’s fulljoy our island that is a paradise in the sun. Blessings. Me black brother’s and sister’s,” zookid4 said.

There were a few naysayers though, who sought to pour cold water on Beenie Man’s message.

“Easy fi u say mi teacher people hungry memba that,” one man posted. However he was promptly rebuked by Beenie Man’s fans, who stated that hunger was no reason for people stealing and killing.

“People hungry suh dem rape and dem kill??? Dat mek sense?” one man scolded.

“I can understand if people steal because dem hungry.. but when it gets to killing and raping.. that’s no excuse for that.. although I know that people kill and get paid.. majority of the killings have nothing to do with that,” one woman retorted.

Source: Beenie Man Issued PSA To Criminal For A Crime Free Christmas Holiday – Urban Islandz

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