Popcaan Rules The Roost

Popcaan says there is more to being ‘unruly’ than disobedience.

He made this observation while speaking with Jamaica Observer’s Splash Wednesday evening at the media launch of Unruly Fest 2019 held at Triple Century Nightclub in New Kingston.

“Unruly is, you have to stand for something, yuh know,” he said. “So when wi say ‘unruly’ it’s not about being outrageous or boisterous or anything like dat, it’s just that wi mean wi can defend our own an’ wi independent an’ wi believe inna wiself. From yuh seh ‘unruly’, yuh automatically believe inna yuhself, you are automatically a winner from yuh unruly,” he continued.

According to the self-proclaimed Unruly Boss, part of that winning is giving back to his community in St Thomas and spreading his resources as far as he can.

“Yuh haffi buil’ up yuh place, buil’ up yuh community an’ when yuh get di blessing jus’ share it. A lot of stars is from St Thomas but they never really tek up di torch to really shine light and mi like mi can dweet an’ mi already a dweet so who ever wah join mi they can,” he explained.

Last year, the St Thomas-born deejay joined Tony Rebel, Capleton and Richie Stephens as artistes who have headlined events in their home parish, hoping to bring economic growth and social development to a region considered among the poorest in Jamaica.

Unruly Fest brought out scores of fans to Lyssons Park for the inaugural staging last year. Rapper’s Drake and Tory Lanez appeared alongside dancehall heavyweights Bounty Killer, Agent Sasco, Cocoa Tea, Tanya Stephens, Bugle and I Wayne.

Popcaan says this year’s show, scheduled for December 21 at the Goodyear Factory, will certainly be one for the books.

“Patrons can look for more excitement, more niceness and more surprises,” he said.

Headliners include Quada, Sizzla, Chronic Law, Agent Sasco, Bounty Killer, Capelton and JaFrass and Popcaan. The promoter is tight-lipped as to who will be the international guest artiste(s).

“You know wi unruly so wi gonna have some unruly performances,” he told Splash.

Popcaan (given name Andrae Sutherland) is known for a number of hit songs including Ravin, Stronger, Family, Never Sober and Firm and Strong. He signed with Drake’s record label OVO, early this year.

Source: Popcaan rules the roost

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