Bad Boys 4 Reel! Bad Boys 4 Reel! – Inner Circle Members Visit Will Smith And Martin Lawrence On Movie Set

Earlier this week when production for the Bad Boys For Life movie came to a close, Ian and Roger Lewis of the band Inner Circle were present on set. The Lewises were representing the ‘Bad Boys of Reggae’, whose 1992 hit Bad Boys has been the franchise’s official theme song since the first film premiered in 1995. The Bad Boys movie franchise, which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, will come to an end next year when the third and final instalment hits theatres on January 17.

Speaking with The Gleaner about their time on set, Ian Lewis described the moment as “monumental”. He said that although the group had met Will Smith on a previous occasion, being on set was an indescribable feeling. “You know when you meet somebody for the first time but it feels like you know dem a long time? That’s how it felt. We met Will already because he recorded at our studio, but it was our first time meeting Martin,” he said. “Being on the set was a whole different feeling; it was unbelievable. The respect that dem show we was just out of this world. They actually cut the shooting and came to greet us. Dem sing the song, dem hug we up, dem take pictures. There was like 40 people on the set, and everybody was just a fan. Everybody had an idea who did the song, but dem never know we were authentic, real Jamaican. Some people did have it say a some bredda from California, so when they met us, it was a great moment.”

Image result for inner circle in concert"Reflecting on all the doors the song Bad Boys has opened for the group, Lewis said that when it was first recorded, they had no idea it would be this big. “You know how the music business go, so we never expect it, but we give thanks for it because it put us on the map and we still going places because of it. It’s just like when John Holt did Tide is High. Him never know it woulda be such a big tune all around the world. It’s a hell of a thing to have a song that spun three movies. We’re not going to blow our own horns; instead, we giving thanks for that,” he said.

With filming now complete, movie directors will now turn their attention to planning the movie’s red-carpet premiere events. Lewis revealed that discussions were still ongoing but that the directors of the film have expressed an interest in having the band be part of the movie’s California premiere come January. If that happens, Lewis said, Inner Circle will ensure Jamaica is well represented. “It’s nothing official, but we been discussing it, and if that happens, I want to walk with a big Jamaican flag and wave that high. Jamaica is great, and I give thanks I was born in Kingston; we culture strong.”

Source: Bad Boys 4 reel! Bad Boys 4 reel! – Inner Circle members visit Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on movie set | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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