‘Selectors Need To Do More Research’ – Shepherd And Mr Lexx Tired Of Same Set In Dancehall

Nineties dancehall front-runner Mr Lexx and comedian Dufton Shepherd have called on the current crop of selectors to help make dancehall great again by simply doing some research. The pair, who are guests on this week’s STAR Chat, said the juggling nowadays lack variety and they are tired of it.

“Some of the selectors all yuh see dem a make noise, nuff a dem nuh good,” said Mr Lexx. “When people become deejays these days is like dem just gather up a bunch a song weh dem like and become a deejay. Dem nuh really take the time to do dem homework.”

“Like yuh know how long me nuh hear a Dennis Brown inna a party, a Sanchez, a Pinchers, come on! When dem a do throwback, yuh know how far dem go? Early 2000s. A deh so dem stop and dat is crap. Yuh affi know yuh history,” he continued.

Image result for mr. lexShepherd agreed. Pointing out that things have gotten so bad, the comedian says he can almost predict what songs will be played at any entertainment event these days. “If yuh have four/five deejays at any event, three outta di four a dem play almost the same songs. Dem only play dem inna a different order. Dem nah juggle the song dem properly. In fact, a man don’t juggle again him just play a song fi get a forward,” he said. “Me can write down 20 songs and fold it up and put it inna me pocket and go out and as dem play me tick dem off. If yuh wah impress me as a selector, play supmn weh mi nuh expect yuh fi play. But dem nah do no homework. Dem just gather up some songs weh dem like.”

Younger generation

While agreeing that some selectors do need to put in more work into their craft, popular selector Boom Boom told THE STAR that experience is the greatest teacher. He explained that the younger generation of selectors do have a tendency to play the same set of songs at events, but says they will improve the more they grow. “Me understand weh dem a say because a nuff time me go party and hear the same set a song dem fi true, but we can’t always just a say we have a problem and we nah try find solutions,” he said. “Yuh have people of all ages come a parties and dance, so yuh affi keep it balance as a selector. Nuff a dem yutes yah nuh learn dat yet. Weh we (the experienced selectors) affi do is try educate the yutes.”

“When yuh come a Boom Sundays or a Boasy Tuesdayz, yuh hear the difference in how we play versus how some a dem young yute yah play. Yuh will hear music go far as Delroy Wilson. Some a di yutes dem start adjust innu, and we just need fi be a likkle more patient wid dem,” he continued.

Source: ‘Selectors need to do more research’ – Shepherd and Mr Lexx tired of same set in dancehall | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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