Dancehall Veteran Mr Lexx Got Robbed

Mr LexxDancehall Veteran Mr Lexx says he was robbed.

A motor vehicle belonging to the Full Hundred deejay was broken into and his personal contents removed. “They just broke into my car an stole all my shiiit… Kmft. Smfh,” Mr Lexx wrote on Instagram.

Dancehall fans quickly offered support to the entertainers, “Jah kno mi artiste it rough out inna the streets but affi give thanks for life,” one wrote. “Bumboclaat badmind is active 🔥,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile, Mr Lexx is looking to make a comeback in the industry. According to sources close to the deejay, he has been hitting the studio hard and recording tons of bangers.

Mr Lexx is currently apart of the The Release College Tour and performed at University Of Technology (UTech) just last week.

Source: Dancehall Veteran Mr Lexx Got Robbed – The Tropixs

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