Bambino, Snowcone, Spragga, Scorpio Do It For The Culture

Do It For The Culture, the last crew unveiled for the upcoming Red Bull Culture Clash, could shape up to be a musical force to be reckoned with. According to crew member DJ Bambino, this collection of artistes, musicians, and producers was not put together just to try to win a clash. In fact, this crew’s presentation was a long time coming – and the competition will serve as a curtain-raiser for a brand-new phenomenon.

On Saturday, November 2, Do It For The Culture will be led by Grammy Award-winning producer Salaam Remi with support from dancehall star Spragga Benz, sound-system owner Jack Scorpio (Black Scorpio), Billboard-charting producer Jah Snowcone, and ­international disc jockey Disco Neil.

“People might not know a lot about the crew. It stems from a lot of music production and a lot of history that I have with Salaam. We’ve been working together for about 25 years [doing] music production behind the scenes,” DJ Bambino told The Gleaner.

He continued: “Do It For The Culture is not like a side weh we put together and say we a guh juss play a little scrimmage. When they called us, we were already on the movement. This is not the regular Red Bull team, where you just group some people together and them do them clash and go them separate ways. It’s a 2020 ting a gwaan.”

According to DJ Bambino, this will be something like the first leg of a tour for this Do It For The Culture amalgam. “We have ­different people from different cultures, and we fuse together. All of us have been rolling for over 20 years. We have an all-rounded team, it’s not just a hype. It’s like a group of deejays and music ­producers who come together and seh we’re going to do something and take this all over the world. At the end of the day, this clash is the first leg of bigger things to come from us,” he said.

Source: Bambino, Snowcone, Spragga, Scorpio do it for the culture | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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