Samantha J Enjoying Pregnant Life

Image result for Samantha J expectingSamantha J turned in the tight skirts for maxi dresses and is enjoying her pregnant life.

The Jamaican pop star is carrying her first child and is loving every minute of it. In a video uploaded to her Instagram story, Samantha J can be seen showing off her baby bump.

Samantha J will be having a bouncing baby boy, Dancehall fans were elated earlier this month after she took to Instagram to reveal she is expecting her first child.

Image result for Samantha J expectingThe entertainer getting pregnant came as surprise for several Dancehall fans as many took to social media expressing shock while congratulating the “Picture” singer.

Samantha J, 23, who best known for her 2013 smash single, “Tight Skirt,” has been relatively quiet in recent months following a horrific accident in Belize, where she fractured her jaw, hand, and injured her back.

Source: Samantha J Enjoying Pregnant Life – The Tropixs

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