Post ‘Healing Project’ Troyton To Produce More Gospel

His name is imprinted on several singles released in recent months, but producer Troyton Hinds feels a special connection to the Healing Project, which premiered in July. The seven-track compilation signifies his debut gospel production with gospel artistes, including Kevin Downswell, Chevelle Franklin and Samuel Medas. It also symbolises his long-standing desire to produce Christian music, which he said he will be doing more of.

“I’m promoting this project like I have done with no other, because it is something for the Lord and something that I really want to see bigger than anything I have done,” Hinds told The Gleaner. “I want it to resonate with people, and it’s doing good so far, but I think there’s a long way to go.”

The project received its name from Paul Scott, a close friend of Hinds, who offers the interlude. The tracklist also includes Alaine’s joyous, flossy number, Boast Inna God; Omari’s declaration, I Am Healed; and Jermaine Edwards’ Christ-assured, Nuh Weapon.

“I think the name ‘Healing’ has translated somewhat to listeners, as I have never received the kind of response I am getting with this project in the almost two decades since I have been making music,” he said. “Usually, my publicist would have to reach out to media whenever we have a new project, but this time it’s the media reaching out to me on so many platforms. It has even carried me to the point of tears, as this is something I have wanted to do for years, and I have managed to pull it off with a complete production and songs that complement the beat, and it is amazing to see how it is blessing people.”

Not a Christian

Though not a Christian, Hinds is no stranger to producing inspirational music. Through his Troyton Music label, he has released songs like Jehovah by Alaine, I’m Sanctified by Sean Paul and Mavado, and Unchanging Love by Mavado, which appeared on DJ Khaled’s 2017 album, Grateful.

Reflecting on his love and appreciation for music bearing positive and inspirational themes, Hinds referenced his childhood, sharing, he was raised in a Christian household and had Grace Thrillers as an early musical influence.

“If you listen to Troyton Music’s catalogue, I try to keep my music as clean as possible,” he stated. “My mom is an ordained pastor and my dad has been a deacon for 35 years; so I grew up in that kind of setting, where almost every morning we would have prayer meetings, especially on Sundays. I really grew up to keep the Lord really close to my heart and to try to live as best as I can. After getting older, I started out as a sound system selector, then a sound system owner, and all of that musical upbringing inspired my work as a producer.”

His repertoire includes Dexta Daps’ 7 Eleven, I-Octane’s Gal A Gimmie Bun, and Take It, by Mavado and Karian Sang.

He is gearing up to release a seven-track EP by reggae singer Tia, who is signed to his label, but is ensuring the Healing Project gets its due justice first.

“I’ll probably give myself another month or so before I put that out,” he said. “I definitely want to make more gospel music and this is a start. In fact, I have already started other projects, one more with Kevin Downswell and another with an African artiste, so people can stay tuned for that.”

Source: Post ‘Healing Project’ Troyton to produce more gospel | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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