Nikki Z Shares Her Side Following Online Spat With Etana

Nikki Z has givin her side of the story following a recent spat with singer Etana on social media.

Over the weekend the media personality took to Instagram to finally share her side of the story following a messy spat with Reggae superstar Etana over a picture she shared.

The drama all began after the Hapilos executive posted a picture of herself along with the Reggae superstar in response to a Twitter protest calling for fans to replace an image of a Trump supporter cutting a young black man’s locks with pictures of their own celebrating the #loclife.

Etana would quickly clap back at the media personality, calling her out on the apparent shade, But Nikki remained adamant that she had no such intention.

“Anyone who knows me knows I do not do ‘Shade’ I speak direct and always have. I posted a pic because that picture is beautiful and showed power #Melanin Power… the big puffy afro, the locs. There was no other thought behind it… I am not the only post with someone else in the shot…” the former Zip Jock wrote.

Image result for nikki zShe would go on to say: “I do not do social media drama but for this I will say we spoke, we understood and we are both past it. I forgive and forget, she has apologized for what she said and I for the misunderstanding. “

On Saturday Etana gave her account of the spat revealing that it was actually the second time she had tried to shade her over her Trump support.

Fans have since taken to social media to voice their opinions on the quarrel, with both women receiving support.

“What she did was deliberate and the misunderstanding tactic was well played in ny opinion. The clapback was not expected. But…..Nice to see they made up. (She knew what she did),” one fan claimed while another said “Listen sis, She told u exactly what she thought about you. I’m big on forgiveness but NEVER FORGET💯”

Source: Nikki Z Shares Her Side Following Online Spat With Etana – The Tropixs

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