‘I Was Treated Like A Common Criminal – LA Lewis Says He Faced Hell At The Hands Of The Police

Image result for la lewis“If they can do someone like LA Lewis so, who is a prominent member of society, imagine a likkle normal member of society, what they would do.” Yes, you read correctly. The self-styled Seven Star General LA Lewis is convinced that persons who have a lower social standing than he, could face hell at the hands of the police.

LA Lewis was arrested and charged by cops on Wednesday after he was alleged to have committed a series of traffic offences.

The saga, which was captured on camera as it unfolded, has been making the rounds on social media. The video shows the ‘ Sobolious’ one being handcuffed by a police officer in the Hagley Park area of St Andrew. LA Lewis said he was charged for driving without a seat belt, failure to comply with traffic signs, and obstructing traffic.

“A di first mi get ticket from the year start, which shows that I’ve been a good citizen because the year almost done now. I feel this is an attack on LA Lewis because the man a guh ask me say ‘Weh me get so much vehicle from’ and ‘Weh me get 2019 car from’, like dat a none a him business as a police officer”.

Image result for la lewis“And den, if yuh notice inna di video, him let chu every other else car and say dem a guh send me go jail. If the inspector never come and tell dem fi just gimme the tickets fi go court, me woulda sleep a jail da night deh,” he said.

The entertainer says he believes he was unfairly treated and is now contemplating legal action.

“Dem make the bangles now damage up me hand and dem lock me up in the vehicle without AC, inna di boiling sun, while dem still a conduct dem traffic activities. When the Inspector saw me, I was sweating like a hog, hardly breathing, with the handcuff so tight. Right now, you can still see the bruises on my hand. I was treated like a common criminal, not even criminals should be treated that way,” LA Lewis said.

While he has plans to take legal action against the police, LA Lewis still sings praises for the good police officers in the force.

“There are still good police, thank God for the inspector that showed up, but there is still a lot of corruption in the force and we need to get out those ones or they’re gonna create a bad name for the Jamaica police force,” he said.

Image result for la lewis“I need a public apology or else I’m gonna be suing that police or the State.”

Recalling the incident last month where a Benz driver was caught on video engaging in reckless driving but ended up getting off with a warning, LA Lewis believes the law changes based on one’s social status.

“That was a stunt thing and them let him off, when people life was in threat. They congratulated him, only thing lef fi dem do a give him two snow cone or an ice-cream and a medal. And me now, weh a guh pick up my little children dem from school, dem treat so,” he said.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m the only person who is lashing out against the Chinese corruption going on why dem do me so. I’m under attack from the Chinese and the Jamaican government.”

Source: ‘I was treated like a common criminal’ – LA Lewis says he faced hell at the hands of the police | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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