Hong Kong Gets Slice Of ‘Crown’

Image result for mighty crown dancehallJapanese sound system Mighty Crown brought reggae and dancehall vibes to Hong Kong’s Reggae Ska Festival on August 24 at the Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai.

Sami-T, a senior member of Mighty Crown, spoke to the Jamaica Observer about the show.

“The festival was all about reggae and ska music. They also had performers like Keith and Tex from Jamaica, The Ska Flames from Japan, Roddy Radiation from the UK, Alex Croft and Mr T 14, Heavy HK from Hong Kong, and Skaraoke from Taiwan,” he said, adding that the event was ground-breaking for the veteran ‘sound’.

“It was important for us to perform in Hong Kong because we were the first international soun’ to perform and introduce dancehall and reggae music in the official way. Hong Kong is three-and-a-half hours away from Japan but the scene is so different. Each time that a new market opens for reggae music, it helps Jamaican culture to grow. We are just doing our part by spreading the music.”

Image result for mighty crown dancehallEstablished 28 years ago, Mighty Crown; comprises four members. Sami-T, Masta Simon, Ninja (who is Jamaican) and Cojie.

“We were inspired by sounds from Japan who were playing way before us. All the Japanese sounds back in the day were inspired by Jamaican sound system culture. We got interested by seeing what they were doing, and later on we started to study the culture of Jamaica for ourselves,” Sami-T explained.

Eight-time World Clash champions, Mighty Crown has played some of reggae’s biggest gigs, including the Welcome to Jamrock Cruise and Fully Loaded in Jamaica.

“The biggest event that we played at was our anniversary at Yokohama Stadium in Japan, which brought out 35,000 people,” Sami-T boasted.

He spoke about the importance of exclusive dub plates to Mighty Crown’s existence, but noted that, “You could voice a million dubs and still not be relevant. It all depends on how you present it.”

Source: Hong Kong gets slice of ‘Crown’

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