Dancehall Legend Agent Sasco Announces New Project Coming Soon

Agent Sasco announces he is working on a new project.

Jeffrey Campbell, better known as Agent Sasco or previously Assassin, is one of the greatest lyricists Dancehall/Reggae music has ever seen. His tracks, “Winning Right Now,” “Be Careful,” and “Banks Of The Hope” is strong evidence of this. The deejay always manages to deliver conscious lyrics with such ease and flow that his audience is instantly drawn in. We succumb to his bright, positive persona easily falling in love with who he is.

Agent Sasco is also well-known for his charitable side as he partakes in many activities such as Scholarship Programs. He also recently visited drought-stricken Kintyre along with representatives of Wisynco, a water, and beverage bottling company, to distribute water to students at the institution.

In a post to Instagram the deejay stated, “I’m very passionate about rainwater harvesting. I will be partnering with ESL to install a rainwater harvesting system at the Community Center and Hope Valley Experimental School, which I used to attend. Let’s take a proactive and sustainable approach to this most critical resource. #RainwaterHarvesting it’s a ‘No bRAINer’ #GiveThans.”

It is without a doubt that he is a great humanitarian. He hasn’t been ignoring the musical aspect, however, as he took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that he is currently working on new music. The deejay shared a photo of himself with the caption, “Got a new project working on… In other words… The Agent is on a mission. #GiveThanks #ListenOut.”

Fans are overjoyed and excited that they will be blessed with new music from the incredibly talented deejay. One fan commented, “The completion of ur mission will b epic,” while another added, “Congrats on your new project my brother. I know it’s going to be great! Hey, perhaps you should add designer / fashion model to your portfolio. Great shot! Lots of love and blessings .”

We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for any updates on his new project.

Source: Dancehall Legend Agent Sasco Announces New Project Coming Soon – Urban Islandz

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