Dancehall Diva Shenseea Bake A Marijuana Cake, Freaks Out After Just One Bite

Shenseea baked a ganja cake on Sunday, bit in too fast, then got overloaded and went ‘heads high.’

The Dancehall diva, who seemingly loves to bake, uploaded videos of all the steps of her preparation of the weed cake, from the already-cracked eggs, to the ganja oil being made and cooled, to the batter being mixed and the mixture being placed in her oven. The end result was a beautiful, well-risen cake, of which she later showed off a huge bite she had taken of one slice, and then commented.

“Approximately eight minutes ago, I took a big bite out of a slice of my weed cake. Aaahhh,” Shenseea said, bursting out into laughter.

The laughter turned to apparent surprise, as the effects of Mary Jane grade crept insidiously into her system. “How di f**k dis a affect mi so fast, eight minutes now? Mi feel like mi do dis too good,” she said.

Image result for shenseea dancehallAs she munched on more of the cake, she commented: “The thing with this is, it is so good you can’t stop eatin it.” She later posted a photo of herself captioned: “If you all don’t hear from me in three days, you know the f*ck what happened,” perhaps surmising that she would be out cold.

However, that was not to be, as she woke up in her bed well ‘blessed’ on Monday morning. “I am alive b**ch. I am alive. I know you haters wanted to see me fucked up from that cake last night, but I’m here bitch; I’m here,” she said, as she let out a small squeal before falling back on the pillows.

Marijuana edibles such as Shenseea’s cake may contain the psychoactive ingredient “Tetrahydrocannabinol” commonly called THC. According to cannabis experts, the consumption of ganja edibles can result in a more intense high than the high users get from smoking the weed.

One medical doctor who writes for the Harvard University Medical School, says that when eaten, the THC in ganja passes in a more direct manner, through the liver, as opposed to the lungs. The THC, which causes the user to get high, is chemically converted to a different chemical called 11-hydroxy-THC, which has a potentially stronger, psychoactive effect.

According to other studies, edibles usually take about 30 minutes to an hour to take effect, but this may happen faster if they contain a high concentration of THC. Cakes and other edibles take effect more rapidly on an empty stomach, and their absorption depends on the amount of fat in the last meal that was eaten.

Next time, start small and go slowly Shenseea.

Source: Dancehall Diva Shenseea Bake A Marijuana Cake, Freaks Out After Just One Bite – Urban Islandz

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