Culture Clash Comes To Jamaica

Kingston , Jamaica will play host to the Red b ull Culture Clash when it unfolds at the National Arena in s t Andrew on November 2.

Inspired by Jamaican sound system battles from the 1950s, the event revives the tradition with a modern layout comprised of four stages led by four crews who have to face each other in an epic battle to win over the crowd. A decibel reader translates the amount of noise each crew receives to ultimately choose a winner.

The four crews that will face each other in this epic battle represent their unique background and sound — with genres ranging from dancehall to hip hop, reggae, soca, and beyond. The crews then battle it out to take home the title.

While the competing crews respect each other and the competition is in good fun, it is indeed a clash, so calling out opponents, mockeries, diss records and counteractions are expected and encouraged. The crews will bring out surprise guests, debut specially-made dubplates, and talk smack, all to win over the crowd and make them go wild.

Jamaica has been successfully represented at international Red Bull Culture Clash events in the past. Popcaan and his Unruly team won the event in London in 2016 and in Atlanta in 2017. His crew for London included Whiz Kalifa, Spice, Tony Matterhorn, and Kranium.

Image result for popcaan dancehall concertAs part of the clash, crews can play dubplate specials and custom dubs, bring out special guests, and do special performances throughout the whole night. However, in round four, only dubs or special guest performances are allowed. Playing a regular record will lead to disqualification from that round. If a crew plays a record already played earlier in the night, they’re disqualified from winning that round except if being played as a counteraction and has been somehow altered. If two crews are held to a draw after round four, the host calls for the crowd to choose between the two crews in a run-off. Since the last round counts double, all four crews still have a chance to win until the very end.

Source: Culture Clash comes to Jamaica

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