Chronic Law Makes “One Talk” And Destroyed Alkaline Vendetta Clan

Did the 6ix went one up on the Vendetta with Chronic Law’s new diss track “One Talk.”

Chronic Law is not about to see Alkaline attack the 6IX Boss and stay quiet. That seems quite unlikely as the lyrical deejay has dropped over 50 songs already this year doesn’t seem to be running out of punch lines. As expected he starts this one, “One Talk” with straight badness, just as the doctor ordered. It must be noted that Alkaline has not yet replied to Squash‘s diss track “Pinocchio” and the pressure continues to mount with Law Boss’ entry into the shootout.

“One Shot inna dem face/ dem anuh badman inna dem place/ did a mek di soup cool but carry the hot plate / di devil just wake / lift up K / f*** state / from yuh see mi yuh see caution like truck brakes/ dem a jacket to badness when wi do di DNA,” Chronic Law wrote.

It is evident that the Law Boss is not about the Law in this musical feud, and it gets worse, knowing Chronic Law’s potency on the beat was in a way, expected. The Vendetta fraternity must now be preparing for ultra war mode as the 6IXX is obviously ready for the war climate, DJ Frass and Ambassador music must be working hard in the studio to counteract the 6IXX bombs emitted recently.

The deejay sings on the Chorus, “From di don mek one talk/ a mad r*** everyman cross / send di Killer dem a picture and a landmark/ an a bloodbath anyweh yuh par/ my dawg dem move the coldest all gyal a get it inna war/ bullet anuh scar/ memba red hills yuh daddy enz deh an mi nuh deh far.”

Law Boss’ main angle in this song has been to discredit Alkaline’s Gangster Image, but can he do it. The Vendetta clan is deep-rooted in the street, and it will take quite some fight to get him out. Many have tried to do this before him, the likes of Tommy Lee Sparta, Rhyme Minista, Vybz Kartel and Popcaan to no avail. Let us see if Chronic Law can firmly stamp his brand in the street coming out of this confrontation.

“The contacts shoulda blind yuh / betta mi general avoid yuh/ anyweh yuh hide mi wi find yuh / mi know yah cartoon from you a beat the Batman line Up,” Law Boss deejay.

One cant help but wonder who will be standing at the end of this confrontation. As usual, everyone seems ready to oust Alkaline, none more so than Chronic Law. He stated, “S*ck Yuh Muma, mi deven did a watch dem, even though a long time mi wah kill him.” All Law Boss’ cards now lay on the table, and now it’s Alkaline’s move, we will all see who was playing a chess game versus checkers soon enough.

The stage has now been set for one of the biggest clashes we’ve seen in recent times. The 6IXX versus the Vendetta camp but not just them. Affiliates of both crews are liable to enter the Fray. Vybz Kartel’s alliance with the 6ix must not be forgotten and so too Mavado and Jahmiel’s ties to the Young Lawd. Before we dive too deep in, firstly listen to One Talk by the Law Boss and keep tuned for more on the 6ix and Vendetta clash.

Source: Chronic Law Makes “One Talk” And Destroyed Alkaline Vendetta Clan – Urban Islandz

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