Vybz Kartel Verdict In 2020? Fans Say Government Trying To Kill His Career

Vybz KartelVybz Kartel sees more delays in his appeal verdict, and now he might have to wait until 2020 to know his fate.

Adidjah Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel, is arguably the biggest name in the history of Dancehall. The industry veteran has been an indestructible luminary of dancehall for two decades both on the inside (prison) and the outside. The brilliant songwriter’s fame ascended drastically with his incarceration that spans almost a decade now. Such an impenetrable influence can make for a great asset or an even greater liability.

It’s no wonder many fans, and story followers have speculated that The Worl’boss intended to run for Prime Minister of Jamaica before his unfortunate detainment. Though we cannot prove it now, it’s almost certain that Kartel’s influence on most Jamaican people would be greater than that of politicians. His popularity would make him unbeatable as a political candidate if he chooses to run for higher office; he could very well be the Prime Minister.

If the Gully vs. Gaza era is any indication, no other political party would have stood a chance against ‘Di Teacha.’ However, the law suddenly ceasing his intention to have his name on the election ballot was only a theory deduced by fans and critics back in 2011 when Vybz Kartel was first arrested. He was taken in custody by police for marijuana possession and later charged with murder, conspiracy and illegal possession of a firearm.

Now that Kartel’s impending verdict gets furthered delayed, fans and critics are again spreading conspiracy theories that the courts and the government are trying to keep him incarcerated.

Some fans theorized that based on the evidence presented, it either supports his innocence or discredits his lack of innocence. Another theory is that Vybz Kartel’s appeal verdict may have already called for him to be a free man once again, but the government is keeping it out of the media. The later is unlikely the case since the judiciary branch is separate from the elected government branch. Additionally, the government also run the risk of being slapped with a lawsuit.

That’s a vast theory. Though it’s possible that Vybz Kartel’s appeal case was successful and the government doesn’t want it publicized considering the gleeful chaos that might arise, it’s just as likely that the decision has not yet been made.

So many have been highly anticipating the court’s decision in Vybz Kartel’s case, but maybe there is more to think about. LA Lewis spoke candidly on the topic in a video shared on August 8th by Venom. Check out his remarks below.

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