Queen Ifrica Got It Wrong, Says Gov’t Senator

GOVERNMENT Senator Matthew Samuda says Queen Ifrica misinterpreted comments he made about her and her Cockpit Country stance.

“I encouraged all citizens of Jamaica to take more governance of their country. That is what I did. So, I don’t know anything about politicising her actions. Perhaps her actions were politically motivated, but I mentioned her name and another artiste, so it’s not like I was taking any aim at her specifically,” Samuda told the Jamaica Observer last Friday.

Last Monday, the Lioness On The Rise singer accused Samuda of trying to politicise her stance. She took to Instagram to air her disapproval.

“I would like to address this video to Senator Matthew Samuda, who recently did an article calling, me and Spragga Benz sudden environmentalists’ in a most sarcastic way. I am putting this out here right now that Queen Ifrica is non-political. I don’t have any political affiliation wid no Government, Opposition…” she said.

“We are standing with the people of Jamaica for the preservation and protection of the Cockpit Country,” she contined.

She labelled Samuda’s action as disrespectful.

Samuda had allegedly made the comments on an Internet news programme.

The Cockpit Country is a hilly and dense area in Trelawny and St Elizabeth. In recent years, there has been much debate over whether the Government should expand mining in the region, which has the highest diversity of plants and animals anywhere on the island.

Image result for Queen IfricaQueen Ifrica’s defence of the region comes shortly after Bounty Killer had expressed his displeasure at the proposed mining activities in the protected area.

“Any Government sell out the Cockpit shall never win again in Jamaica. Who is here for Jamaica let unuh voices be heard; take a stand either u with us or against us. Speak up folks!! I’M NOT A JLP NOR A PNP. I’M A TRUE JAMAICAN!” said Bounty Killer in a July 24 post on Instagram.

Queen Ifrica (given name Ventrice Morgan) is known for songs including Below the Waist, Welcome to Montego Bay, and Daddy.

Source: Ifrica got it wrong, says Gov’t Senator

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