Foota Hype Says Someone ‘Obeah’ Bounty Killer

Foota Hype say that someone in the entertainment industry has Bounty Killer under a spell.

The controversial disc jock has sensationally claimed that his former friend and mentor Bounty Killer, is the victim of witchcraft, which has left him without any friends in the industry.

According to the veteran selector, the “Warlord” is “under a spell,” which is aimed at ensuring he destroys all his relationships and friendships he has with his peers.

He claims the spell is so strong it has destroyed the entertainer’s Alliance movement, which gave some of the biggest names in the industry their big breaks.

“Das why mi a tell yo say, mi know dem obeah Killa. Nobaddy can’t trick mi; dem obeah mi deejay. Dem obeah mi deejay fi everybaddy weh dem and him good, mash up. Mi feel dem séance him fi dat!” Foota said.

Image result for bounty killer dancehall in concert“Dem séance killa dawg. Mi no know a who obeah Killa. Mi no know if a Merciless, mi no know if a Beenie; mi no know if a Red Rat; mi no know if a Goofy; mi no know if a Zebra. Mi no know if a Lexus or wah; Somebaddy obeah mi deejay. Oonu leggo mi deejay mek him head function please!” he continued.

The self-proclaimed “viral king” went on to say he still has maximum respect for the veteran deejay, adding that he is forever grateful for the guidance and opportunity he gave him.

“Nuff a oonu know say me an Killa no chat. But yuh think me coulda come pon dis and be a hypocrite and say Killa a no di man. Bounty Killa a di man. When Killa inna him prime, when di whole world a call Killa enuh, Killa come do show pon di gully fi Movado enuh and forward come do show fi me tuh, and we a neva nobaddy; we couldn’t pay Killa. Killa come. Killa coulda have a millin ting fi gone do and wi love dat and wi can’t figet dat.”

Foota Hype and Bounty Killer have not been on speaking terms since 2016 when the outspoken disc jock claimed in a interview that the deejay was not hot because he was voicing for the wrong producers.

Source: Foota Hype Says Someone ‘Obeah’ Bounty Killer – The Tropixs

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