Dancehall Deejay Squash Responds To Alkaline

Squash is in no mood to entertain a rivalry with Alkaline.

The 6ix Boss took to Instagram over the weekend to let it be known that he won’t be entertaining the vendetta deejay’s desperate attempts to instigate a rivalry.

According to the “Trending” deejay, he is no ‘savior’ and will not be the one to revive the vendetta deejay’s career.

“Mi seet seh a sumadi dem a look fi save dem career mi affi lough tpc 😂😂but dem fi know seh mi nuh savior so try help unnu self likkle Gunbag,” the deejay posted.

He went on to say “And mi know better eno but likkle boy fi know mi nuh tek style and me nah look paah unnu so mi nuh care wha unu fowud wid.

Squash’s reaction comes days after Alkaline released his latest single “Depend Pan Nobody,” which fans claim took lyrical jabs at both Squash and Chronic Law.

In the track the vendetta deejay riducules his rivals who claim they are “Bosses” saying “Dem annuh boss dem ah basket / Can’t run the place uno gwaan run a CrossFit / 45 deh to you jaw bone / Nah stick, ah don’t need a second or a third till mi claat it.”

According to some fans, the deejay cheekily took aim at the 6ix crew, with the lines encouraging his rivals to try running ‘crossfit’ instead of Dancehall, which may be viewed as a jab at Squash and Chronic Law’s larger physique.

Source: Dancehall Deejay Squash Responds To Alkaline | The Tropixs

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