Bugle Releases ‘Picture Perfect’ Album

Reggae artiste Bugle has released a third studio album, which he said represents a continuation of his efforts to use music to uplift persons.

“I’ve spent the last nine months meticulously working on this album with some of the most respected professionals in the business. While I could have recorded the entire album in one week, my reason for the lengthy timeline is, I want when someone download or puts my album into their player, they can listen to the entire compilation and appreciate the effort that went into constructing every song and know their hard-earned money was well spent. I don’t make music only to entertain but also as a tool to educate and inspire. I hope the fans will truly appreciate this latest offering as we strive to preserve the authentic dancehall and reggae culture,” Bugle said.

The album, titled Picture Perfect, follows Anointed (2014) and Be Yourself (2017). The project boasts a solid cast featuring Jada Kingdom, Kabaka Pyramid, Little Lion Sound (based in Switzerland), Noah Powa, Shuga, and New York-based Alexander and Gramps Morgan.

“I am from the old school, but what I’ve heard from Bugle’s album have made me a fan – a lot of positive energy and vibes, which hardly exist these days. This album gets an A in my book. Great job,” said Grammy award-winning engineer Erroll Brown.

Image result for Bugle dancehallShane Brown is not surprised by Bugle’s work.

“Bugle is an artiste that I’ve admired his unique sound for years, but listening to tracks from his new album have shown me how much he has grown and is ready to take his career to another level. This album shows maturity, longevity, and all it needs is a chance to be heard. I’m delighted to have been a part this album as it’s one for the Jamaican music history books. Well done bro” Shane Brown said.

Grammy award winner Gramps Morgan said that he has been a fan of the Rasta Party hitmaker for several years.

“I’ve always wanted to work with Bugle, his lyrics and his flow are next to none. Many times in our industry, a lot of artistes don’t get the attention they are due. I have been such a huge fan for many years, watching him write songs for other artistes, watching his performances,” said Gramps, who shares the title of executive producer on the album with Bugle.

“I am truly proud of this album and how it has turned out. Can’t wait for the world to know who this young man is even more – his history, where he is presently as an artiste, and where he’s going to take this music for the future to the entire world,” he added.

Source: Bugle releases ‘Picture Perfect’ album | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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