Shenseea Shares Instagram Direct Message From Drake

Drake savagely slid into Shenseea’s Instagram direct messages (DMs) earlier this week and the exchange was hilarious.

The Dancehall singay tagged Drizzy in her IG story showing off the private aircraft she and her team took to St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a show.

Referring the Canadian rapper’s $200,00,000 USD private jet dubbed Air Drake, Shenseea said Drake had nothing over her, “Wi have wi own private jet,” she said while laughing.

The 6God saw the post and jumped in her DMs to let her know her plane looked more like a submarine than a private jet. “That look like submarine nuh jet,” he said while laughing.

Shenseea later uploaded a screenshot of the conversation and shared with her ‘ShenYengs’ saying, “Due to how him (Drake) a style me private jet.”

Check out the exchange and Shenseea’s video below.

Source: Shenseea Shares Instagram Direct Message From Drake | The Tropixs

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