Gully Bop Ex A’Mari Plans To Sue Mackerel – What’s Next?

Gully Bop’s ex-fiancée, A’Mari is looking to take Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis to court.

A’Mari who also goes by the moniker DJ Mona Lisa, has a major issue with Mackerel using the slang Goodie/Goodies and is threatening to take legal action against the social media sensation.

“Kindly ask your ‘macaronians’ to leave the name Goodies alone and i am serious about it,” A’Mari said in a video. “..And if you don’t stop i’m going to go about it legally, i’m going to sue your pumpumclatt and i hope you have money to deal with it, because you better get an attorney.”

“Drop the name Goodie… Goodie don’t fit you, find wan other name weh fit your style. You understand? Goodie is for intellectual, intelligent, beautiful, smooth face women that are reaching for the stars…. Weh nuh tek weh people man, weh most of all love them God,” she continued.

Watch Video Below.

Source: Gully Bop Ex A’Mari Plans To Sue Mackerel | The Tropixs

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