Aidonia For Reggae Sumfest Night One? Joe Bogdanovich Promise Surprises

Just days after Koffee being booked, could Aidonia become a last minute addition to the Reggae Sumfest line-up?

Reggae Sumfest/Downsound Records principal, Joe Bogdanovich says Dancehall and Reggae fans should turn out in their numbers at the Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica for a host of surprises.

Speaking on the Aidonia rumours, Bogdanovich says they have a few tricks up their sleeves so anything is possible. “I was in the park the other day, and at sunset, often the birds like to hang out there and chit-chat, and they sing all kinds of tunes out there,” he told The Star.

“They sang a tune for Koffee, and I paid attention to the birdies. All I can say now is that they’re chit chatting again, and I don’t know what they have for this Donia kid, but boy, they couldn’t stop talking about him.”

Image result for aidonia“They (the birds) think that not only will Donia be there, but there will be others. Everybody wants to be on this show, and everybody wants to be at this show. It’s going to be a landmark show. The weather is great. We have some tricks up our sleeves. It’ll be fun. You don’t wanna miss a beat,” Joe Bogdanovich continued.

Reggae Sumfest Night One, formerly known as Dancehall Night, will sees live performances from Spice, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Chronixx Koffee, Dovey Magnum, Shauna Controlla, Govana, Dexta Daps, Squash, Chronic Law, Jahvillani and many more.

Source: Aidonia For Reggae Sumfest Night One? Joe Bogdanovich Promise Surprises | The Tropixs

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