Tony Rebel Advises Young Girls, Sugar Daddies, In New Single

Veteran reggae and dancehall entertainer, Tony Rebel, recently released a socially conscious single entitled Man A Big Man, which is gaining traction. The song, which outlines the type of behaviour expected of a big man, explores the topical issue of older men and young girls being romantically involved, the Sugar Daddy syndrome.

“It’s just by what you see all the time,” he says of the inspiration for the song, which is entitled Man A Big Man. “There are elders who like young girls, and some of these girls are under age,” he told The Star.” And you also have it the other way around, with the young girls who think that it’s best to have an older man to use as a Sugar Daddy, who will take care of all her needs.”

Although he states clearly that this song is not written from personal experience, and he emphasises that he fully distances himself from this kind of behaviour, Rebel writes the lyrics in the first person, and offers sage advice to young girls who might see him as something to be desired. He states, “Little girl, I could be your daddy/so if you looking for a Sugar Daddy just try and find some other smaddy.”


The song continues, “You want come around me, call me Uncle Tony/anything me give yuh, memba yuh no owe mi.” and follows this up by saying, “I’d prefer take you home to your parents than say mi a go help you pay rent.”

He notes that as a big man, he has the responsibility of thinking for these young girls who will make foolish decisions. “I have daughters,” he said repeating a line from the song, and reiterates that girls need to focus on their books and not “flashes of pleasure” which will come back to haunt them.

Image result for tony rebelTo the men, he lists out the type of behaviour that is not expected of a big man. “Men who are big men should look their size,” he said. He added that he is hoping that big men like himself will boldly declare to these young girls that they are father figures rather than sugar daddies

Also, for Rebel, the song is more than encouragement for young girls to stay away from older men, in particular, or a warning to older men to stay away from young, underage girls, it has an underlying message that he says is rooted in a myth.

“Beyond that, there is the myth that is still being perpetrated in some quarters that a virgin girl can cure a STI. We need to get rid of this thinking because nothing no go so,” he declared.

Source: Tony Rebel advises young girls, sugar daddies, in new single | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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