Spice Offered Big Bucks To Recover Lost iPhone Full Of Unreleased Music

Spice picDancehall diva Spice has been left in a songwriting pickle, after losing her iPhone on a flight.

The 36-year-old self-proclaimed Queen of Dancehall misplaced her white iPhone, with plenty written songs on it, on a JetBlue plane yesterday. “I Left my white iPhone on JET BLUE AIRLINE. I know a lot of staff and travellers follow me here, so please if you found a iphone or if you can call every one you know and ask if they found it PLEASE l,” Spice wailed in an Instagram post, using crying emojis to punctuate the depth of her loss.

“I wrote all my songs in it and didn’t back up on icloud. PLEASE I WILL PAY $10,000 RMB to any one who return it. PLEASE DON’T WIPE IT, IT HAS MY Memories,” she lamented.

Spice fans were all-out sympathetic, But as usual, there were a few jokers who poked fun at the Spanish Town native. One male commenter quipped: “Did Gracie get back her phone? I know the man them will try to crack it to see if she has pictures of her pu#p#m on I, but hopefully she get it back.”

“Mi feel like you lef it inna di wheelchair,” teased martino488, referencing a video post she made several days ago while riding in a wheelchair in which she was being pushed by a young male airport attendant.

“Yesterday I was being escorted by the cops, well today i’m being escorted in a wheel chair Ain’t a god dam thing wrong with me i’m just “TIRED” Big up Jason from Jetblue . Love you too baby My fans go above and beyond for me,” Spice had written on that post.

But it seems Spice has gotten over her loss because less than 24 hours after her phone disappeared, she posted another video in which she appears to be as happy as a lark.

“From Jamaica to Panama, Panama to Madrid, Madrid to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Brussels, Brussels to Greece, my slow walking says it all. All I need is 2 boil banana with Some salfish mix with butter bean and a good d@#k should bring me back to normal @khoolinternational you and @shaniqua.tc TRY THIS FLIGHT WITH ME AGAIN AND SEE SUPMN,” she wrote.

JetBlue has since contacted Spice saying that they might’ve located her lost iPhone.

Source: Spice Offered Big Bucks To Recover Lost iPhone Full Of Unreleased Music – Urban Islandz

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