Rumblings In Japan And US

Tonight there will be two servings of Rumble, the popular sound clash event. US Rumble takes place at the Garage Night Club in Bronx, New York, while Japan Rumble will unfold at Bay Hall, Yokohama.

Co-promoter Garfield “Chin” Bourne expects both events to live up to expectations. He shared reasons for returning to Japan.

“Japan Rumble is one of the most exciting events throughout the road to World Clash competition every year. The sounds from Japan are always well prepared with speech, performance and high-calibre dub plates. Each year the event is sold out; the audience is very fair and energetic throughout the competition rounds,” said Bourne.

He continued: “The sound clash vibe in Japan really makes me proud of Jamaica’s sound clash culture and its influence globally.”

Ninja Crown and Drew of Sound Chat Radio will host US Rumble. The competing sounds are returning defending champion Dynamq, Culture Blend, Super Force, Stereo 5, Snow White, and Jah Mikey One.

Japan Rumble’s line-up boasts Emperor, Hemp Zion, Rispec Jam, Superior Sound, Rodem Cyclone and defending champion Jah Works, which won last year. The event will see Mighty Crown as hosts.

Bourne is happy with the progress that the 2018 winners of US Rumble and Japan Rumble have made over the past year.

“Both Jah Works and Dynamq are wicked selectors. They both have been doing a great job over the past year, having made big names for themselves in their respective markets,” said Bourne.

Source: Rumblings in Japan and US

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