Konshens Trolls Foota Hype With Bounty Killer

Konshens went into the Dancehall archives to retrieve classic footage of a Bounty Killer performance to issue his latest jab at Foota Hype.

The Subkonshus deejay and Foota Hype have been going back-and-forth on social media over the last few weeks. It all started after the outspoken selector/producer called out Konshens for violating the “Dancehall rules.”

Earlier this week, Konshens uploaded a video of Bounty Killer performing his smash hit single “Can’t Believe Mi Eyes” on stage while calling out men who act like groupies -Reminds you of someone we know right?-

“As unnu see boy rent car come ya and buy two Hennessy unnu run back a him about Genna Genna, some a unnu look like Jennifer, a wha happen to them funky boy yah,” Bounty Killer said in the clip.

“Who dis remind u of?? @grunggaadzilla no lie nuh tell yasso.” Konshens captioned the post which got the attention of Killer who laughed in the comments.

While Dancehall fans weren’t holding back as they tagged Foota Hype.

Source: Konshens Trolls Foota Hype With Bounty Killer | The Tropixs

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